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The Thing That Doesn't Change in the Era When Everything Is About to Change

Hiroyuki Yokoi
横井 裕幸

We, Sanko Electronics (Thailand) Company Limited, are a
manufacturer of wire harness asseblies, mainly, for automobiles.
Being taught by the customers with the strict perspectives about
the responsibility for the products which relate to human lives,
we have grown up until today, owing to that.

Well, in production activities, I think people are aiming at manpower-saving
or labour-saving through factory automation. Of course, up to the moment,
every company is aiming for accomplishing such the idea.
I think it's not due to the pursuit of production efficiency only, but it is also due to the other factors : shortage of labour owing to population ageing,
soaring labour costs, etc.

However, up to now, the more artificial intelligence (AI) development is achieved,
the more the way of thinking about it or approaching it is led to the new phases.
"We can do it with few people!"or"We don't need any more human labour!"... Such
the era is coming.

Nevertheless, in spite of such the situation, we, Sanko Group, are a group of
companies which have been being able to provide our customers with "what just only human possesses" up to now and from now on too.

We are the companies which can serve the customers with "their wants"
in the appropriate time, eventhough they have not come to the surface or
eventhough the of them have not been fully collected and made visible
concretely, since we always take the customers' thoughts into consideration one step ahead.
We can do that because we have valued "human" more than anything, and
have pursued what only "human" can do.

First of all, we care about our employees,imagining their future and sharing it,
and then practice the primary way of association with "people" which we
percept naturally by doing it. And we do the same thing with our customers.

We have committed ourselves not to overlook what may disappears at any
time due to automation.
Turning to the original concept "human", it doesn't mean we refuse all
systems. We, including all of our employees, just try to live as human-beings
with fresh-and-blood.

Sincerity, faith, compassion …. It may take some more time for AI to learn the
real meanings of these words, I think.

Sanko Electronics(Thailand) President COO
Sanko Electronics(Cambodia) President COO
横井 裕幸

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Hiroyuki Yokoi
横井 裕幸

私たちSanko Electronics(Thailand)Co., Ltd.は、主に車載用ワイヤーハーネスの組立製造を生業とさせて頂いております企業です。


少ない人数で成し得るどころか、もはや人間自体が要らない・・・ そんな時代がすぐそこにきているのです。

そんな中にあっても、私たちSanko Groupは『人しか持ち合わせていないもの』をお客様に提供することが出来る企業として今後もあり続ける所存です。




真心、誠意、思いやり・・・ 上辺ではなく、この言葉の真の意味をAIが学習するには今少しの時間が必要かと思います。


Sanko Electronics(Thailand) President COO
Sanko Electronics(Cambodia) President COO
横井 裕幸

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Company Name : Sanko Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Established : April 20, 2009

Capitals : 460,000,000 THB 

Chief Operations Officer : Hiroyuki (Harry) Yokoi

Address : 461 Moo 7 Tambol Thatoom Amphur Srimahaphote
Prachinburi 25140 (304 Industrial Park)

Phone : 037-481-095, 096

Fax : 037-481-097

Land, Structure :
1) Land                         15.12Rai (24,200 m²)
2) Structure

【First Factory】      (Production Area)   4,200
                      (Office)                        800    m²

【Second Factory】  (Production Area)   4,250
                      (Office)                         1,700
                      (Canteen)                     1,300

Production Start : April, 2010

Products :
1.Wire Harness for Automobile (for US/Thailand/Japan)
2.Oxygen Sensor for Motorcycle (for Thailand /ASEAN)
3.Wire Harness for Air Conditioner (for Japan/Thailand)
4.Harness Assembly for Fork Lift (for Thailand/ASEAN)

Customer :
NGK Spark Plugs (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Tokai Rika (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Foshan Tokairika Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
Thai Seat Belt Co., Ltd.
Tokai Rika Asia Co., Ltd.
Thai Asahi Denso Co., Ltd.
Keihin (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Logisnext Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd..
Thai Toyo Denso Co., Ltd.
MHI Automotive Climate Control (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Valeo Niles (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Valeo Niles (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd.
Shinsei Koki Thailand Corp,Ltd.
Starting Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Daicel Safety System (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sanko Electric Co., Ltd.
Sanko Electronics America, Co., Inc

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TEL : 037-481-095-6 to 223

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461 Moo7 Tambol Thatoom Amphur Srimahaphote Prachinburi 25140