Staff Interview

“When studying in the university, generally we were just learning from books. But, when working, we do learn from Japanese people themselves, translating what we have never seen in the text books.”

Name: Ms. Sireethorn Ariyaphet (Tiw)
Age: 23 years
Section: Production Engineer
Position: Japanese Interpreter Staff
Start working: 4 June 2018

Self Introduction: Hi! My name is Sireethorn Ariyaphet but you can call me Tiw. I am 23 years old. I gratuated in Japanese from Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University in Phitsanulok Province. I am now working in Production Engineer Section as a Japanese-Thai interpreter.

Why working here?: When I just graduated from the university, I intended to look for a job involving Japanese because it was what I had studied and I would like to take advantage of it and make the most of it. Then I started to look for a job which I could use my Japanese language skills. Fortunately, at that time, the company was looking for some people to do this kind of job. Then I applied for it. As I had no experience and I was not skillful, it was not easy for me to get a job. Therefore, I am very much obliged to the company for giving me a change to come for the interview; after interviewing, I got the job. As the company gave me a chance to do the job, then I decided to work here.

What are the differences between studying and working?: After working for 7 months, I have realized that working is learning. But it is not the same thing as when we were a student. I mean, being a student, we learn from books, just about Japanese in everyday life. But, being an employee, we learn things, vocabulary in various real situations with Japanese people through translation which we hardly find in classrooms.

Difficulty in working: For I work in Production Engineer Section, what I have to translate are things concerning machines and equipment and I scarcely have knowledge about them. I cannot understand or even imagine how they look like although they are said in Thai. So, when I have to translate them into Japanese, I feel it is difficult. However, to cope with the problem, I’ll ask my Japanese boss to explain. If I still do not understand, my boss or my senior colleagues will write a sketch to make them easy to understand. They try to help me; they explain until I understand and become able to translate them.

What impressed you about the company: Firstly, it was the atmosphere of the company; when I came for the interview, I felt it was a shady atmosphere and looked comfortable and colorful. When I entered the company, I met friendly colleagues and Japanese executives, especially the senior colleagues and the Japanese boss in my section. All of them tried hard to teach me everything. For example, my Japanese boss in PE Section was trying, from the first day I entered the company, to teach me who knew nothing, starting with the instruction in production lines, introducing each process, main component parts and machines used for production, etc. And he is still doing it up to now. Additionally, there was also a senior interpreter who I could count on, something like my consultant, when I did not understand the meaning of any words. When I asked him, he always explained to make me understand better. For me, this is a company as well as a school.

Please say something to the website visitors: For those who are new graduates and have no experience in working, I would like to tell you that this is one of the companies which gives a chance to beginners. Although you are fresh graduates with no work experience at all, senior colleagues and Japanese executives are prompt to teach you and learn together with you. If you are looking for a job, I recommend here.


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