Staff Interview

“To work in a foreign country, we have to be patient at the beginning. But, seeing cultures of the people there, we will acquire new experience. It shall be memorable.

Name: Ms. Chutima Kerdsin (Lex)
Age: 25 years
Section: Production
Position: Production Instructor
Start working: 6 April 2015

Self Introduction: Hi! My name is Chutima Kerdsin or you can call me Lek. I am 25 years old, now working in Production Section as an instructor.

Working History Here: At first, I entered this company as an operator, assembling wire harnesses in Production Section, and later I got promoted to Supporter. I stepped up to a new role with bigger responsibilities. Now I am working as an instructor, instructing new comers to know how to work in production lines, and looking closely to check if they work as per the standards . I have been working here for 3 years and 9 months.

The reason why you got promoted and what you think about that: that:It was, maybe, at the beginning, I could work as per the standards and did not make any defective products. Then I got more responsibility at work. Yes, I was glad and I thought I should concentrate and do my best on my work.

You have been assigned to teach newcomers at our subsidiary in Cambodia, right? What do you think about it?: At first, I felt excited and felt that it was a good chance for me to learn new things. When I went there, I could learn many things more about my work and it made me get more experiences in training. It was partly owing to the communication in different languages.

Anxiousness and Obstacles When Working Abroad : I felt nervous about the languages. So, I prepared a lot of details about work and, fortunately, there were some Cambodian employees there able to speak Thai. Then everything turned out all right. Regarding everyday life there, of course, it was different from everyday life in Thailand. For example, local food there was different from what we ate in Thailand. But it was not a serious problem because there were some Thai food restaurants there. Anyway, I had no problem about commuting since the company arranged a company car for me. Regarding the work, it was not much different from the factory in Thailand. However, as it was a newly established company, that made us feel employees here looked more skillful than those in the company there. Nevertheless, employees there were lovely and friendly; I felt they were the same as Thai people.

What do you think it is necessary for those who are to work abroad? : Patience and intention! We must be patient about working hard, especially at first. Here, we do teach works to a few people at one time. But, there, we have to teach works and coach many people each time, demonstrating how to do works while training. That’s a hard work. We will feel tired at first. Anyway, I felt good with training there as I got new experiences, saw local cultures; they became good memories.

Impression about the company: impressed with the largeness of the company, cleanliness. Besides, the company usually offers good things to employees. For example, the company built a new canteen and arranged a resting place for us too. Additionally, all Japanese executives are kind and bosses are very good; they take care well of subordinates. I feel very impressed with Sanko Electronics Co., Ltd. and I’ll keep on working here, having no intention to change jobs at all.


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