Production Line

We strive to flexibly design processes to meet customer product specifications. In addition to VE and VA proposals for production, we can achieve the inspection level requested by our customers at the lowest cost based on our many years of experience in terms of quality assurance. We are sure to solve even the most difficult problems, so please leave it to us with confidence.



Prototype creation
/VA proposal



Procurement of materials and parts






Finished goods inspection





Electric Wire/Terminal Automatic Crimping Machine

Equipment that cuts wires to a set length and automatically crimps terminals. The attached program monitor constantly monitors the crimping situation. This is an important quality item for harness manufacturers, and we are fully prepared to handle it.

Various Image Inspection Equipment

We actively introduce image inspection equipment for areas that are uncertain to the human eye, such as cross-sectional observation of crimped terminals and measurement of specified dimensions given by customers. It is possible to objectively check the quality with numerical values.

Hand Soldering Process

This is a soldering process performed by skilled workers. The error-proofing mechanism of various devices assists manual work, such as controlling the cooling time with a timer on the product set jig side. We have also received high praise from customers who have adopted a worker certification system.

Automatic Soldering Robot equipment

This is an automatic soldering process that enables mass production with the same quality. Depending on the required technology and difficulty, we use "manual work" and "robot work" properly. In times of severe cost demands, automation has become a top priority even in labor-intensive industries.


United we stand, divided we fall

The strength of our company is that employees who are excellent at "individuality" creates "harmony". It's not because of familiarity or a meaningless group that seems to have been brought about by peer pressure. People who are excellent at "individuality" have the power to find each other's strengths and weaknesses, their good and bad point, complement each other, and voluntarily move in a certain direction, forming a true harmony of people. We promise that this "human harmony" of our company will surely bring many things to our customers.


Staff Interview

Production Staff

Compilation of on-site performance management data

I summarize performance management data, such as percentage of the production performance at the site was achieved against the target. I analyze the information received from the site and check it for error-proof , too.

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Work in close contact with customers

Our sales staff work in close contact with our customers, from the creation of a quotation to the delivery of the product. It takes a lot of time, but I feel a stronger sense of accomplishment when I receive an order from a customer.

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Production Management

Manage so that manufacturing can be done according to the production plan

My job is to manufacture and ship the products according to the customer's desired delivery date. Planning of the manpower, following up with leaders, conveying skills and knowledge to the sites is also my important daily tasks.

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