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Sanko is a place where unique people gather.
Each of them is good at it, and they are making use of their talents every day. You don't have to do what you're not good at, or you can't do well. Let's develop your abilities more and more with what you're good at. There are friends here who will help you instead of what you can't do well.
You are not alone.

Recruitment Flow



Please send your resume
using the recruitment form.



First Interview

The manager of each department will be in charge
of the interview.



Final Interview

Manager, including the president, will be in charge
of the interview.



Unofficial offer

We will notify you
by email or phone.

Staff Interview

Production Staff

Compilation of on-site performance management data

I summarize performance management data, such as percentage of the production performance at the site was achieved against the target. I analyze the information received from the site and check it for error-proof , too.

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Work in close contact with customers

Our sales staff work in close contact with our customers, from the creation of a quotation to the delivery of the product. It takes a lot of time, but I feel a stronger sense of accomplishment when I receive an order from a customer.

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Production Management

Manage so that manufacturing can be done according to the production plan

My job is to manufacture and ship the products according to the customer's desired delivery date. Planning of the manpower, following up with leaders, conveying skills and knowledge to the sites is also my important daily tasks.

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Application Requirements

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