Staff Interview



I value teamwork, and it's my pleasure to feel we are all moving forward towards our goals.

Daily work is to convey skills and knowledge to the manufacturing sites

As an assistant supervisor of the production department, I manage the production site on a daily basis.
It is my responsibility to make and ship products on the customer’s requested delivery date. In other words, my job is to manage and accomplish the manufacturing according to the production plan. To this end, planning the manpower needed for production and following up with the leaders and chief leaders who manage the manufacturing site, filling in the missing pieces and passing on skills and knowledge to the site are concrete and important daily tasks.

You can feel it moving forward

There are many times when I don’t get my way in managing staffs. Sometimes problems occur because the work was not implemented according to the work documents that were decided upon, or because of simple mistakes. When this happens, I discuss the situation with my team members and we decide together how to proceed. I think as teamwork is the most important thing above all. I think this job is worthwhile because I can see how everyone is moving forward little by little, discussing and taking measures to achieve the goals that we made.

I would like to make use of this experience of “managing people” in my future, while working with my team members to make further improvements in preventing errors and reducing costs in the field.
By doing so, I will gradually increase what I can do on my own, and I will do my best to help myself grow.

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