Staff Interview



The job of sales is to intervene between customers and internal staff, analyze information and make adjustments while predicting the future.

To grow the company and improve the quality of my own work

I currently work in the sales department and am responsible for both existing and new customers.
We sales staffs use the long period of close contact with those customers, from the making of the quotation to the delivery of the product. It is a job that requires a lot of time, but when we actually receive an order from the customer, I believe that this job gives us a stronger sense of accomplishment than other jobs. Sales staffs are in between customers and our internal sections, and our jobs are to constantly analyze information in detail and make adjustments while predicting what will happen in the future. I think this is another attraction of my current job, too.

I want to work while thinking about work-life balance

The most difficult part of the job is time management. The customer comes first at all times, so we must always act quickly and use our time efficiently in order to meet the customer’s needs. In addition, since increasing sales amount is an important sales task, time management is always an issue for sales staffs to devote time for that. I would like to further improve the quality of my work as well as the company’s growth by developing more efficient management methods.

My dream is to become a career woman who can balance work and family life. I want to implement new technologies to my work to get more time to think carefully about my work-life balance. Also, since I am a sales staff, I dream of improving the company’s performance, too. Currently, our customers are mainly in the automotive industry, but if I can develop new customers in other industries in the future, I believe that will be my greatest success story.

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